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Go-Matic, Your Go-Out-and-Do-Something app!

Go-Matic transforms your everyday experiences into epic adventures. You discover places to go and things to do, chat and share photos in real time, and create a Journal of your adventure to share with friends and the world.

Go-Matic with Red Button and Crew, Go-Matic with Journal

Build Your Crew

Go-Matic helps get your crew together and add people along the way, instantly with the push of a button. You can also invite friends to join using email, text, or Facebook. Once your crew is formed, see who's joined and keep track of where they are. Pick a meeting place and nobody ever gets lost!

Go-Matic with Map and Avatars, Come Join Me in an email on phone

Get Moving

Once you are in a crew you can chat in real-time, share photos, and organize and plan your adventure. Use the built-in search for places to go using Google Places and Yelp. Pick a destination to your crew, decide where to go, and get directions.

Go-Matic with Map and Destination (with path), Go-Matic with Search Results Screen

Live Your Adventure

Go-Matic captures the fun and memories of a great adventure. Everyone shares all the content, instantly. Chats, photos, and destinations are shared without a hassle. The built-in photo editor can enhance your pics and those changes are pushed to the whole group. Everything is time stamped and geo-located as the whole adventure is recorded.

Go-Matic with Chat (Location, Photo, Chat), Go-Matic with Share Screen (sharing a photo to Facebook)

Share Your Memories

Once your adventure is over you can review it in our Journal editor, organize your photos and chats, review your locations, add comments, and then wrap it up and share it with friends in your crew or with anyone using email, text, or on Facebook.

Go-Matic with Journal Editor, Go-Matic with Journal and Facebook Share